SMGL-2797 Parts SS Dagger M7/14 *SOLD


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Ok so I believe what we have here is a “restored” M7/14 (Luneschloss) dagger. The lower guard is aluminum and correct for this maker. The upper guard is a junk reproduction. I think this was severely water damaged based on the blade. So that would make sense that the original grip deteriorated and the top guard was lost once things loosened up. The pommel nut is steel. The replaced grip looks to be in good shape with a typical chip missing on the lower shoulder. The eagle is the early nickel type. The blade obviously subjected to severe oxidation and cleaned up. The scabbard is surely a replacement, as the blade condition would indicate that the scabbard would be full of rust holes. This one is a fairly typical SS/NSKK scabbard with an original painted finish and an average amount of spidering and oxidation. Nickel plated steel fittings on the scabbard, with the lower fitting being mushroomed from a drop. So, obviously this dagger doesn’t win any points for being an untouched example, but if you are in need of some restoration parts or want to take on the challenge of restoring this dagger further, I think the price is nice.

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