SMGL-2834 Hitler Youth Knife Mid Period *SOLD


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A well used knife as most are, this one has been sharpened a few times over. There are scratches on the blade that look like the boy was digging in a gravel pit or something. You can just barely make out “1940” from a light etch.  Who knows! The pot metal grip has about 60% of the original nickel plating remaining. The scabbard is dent free with and average amount of oxidation compared to what we see out there. The leather is in good shape with a working snap. the snap leather is brown and the rest is black. It’s possible the snap leather was replaced many many years ago. Either that, or the maker did this on purpose. Back to the knife, the HJ diamond has a little wiggle that we like to see, ensuring it wasn’t a glued on replacement. The Diamond is in great shape with just a small nick to the swastika metal field.

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