SMGM-0172 Hitler Youth Knife by Gebrüder Gräfrath


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This company is known for having a few different maker marks. Also, according to Paul Hoggles’ work, the 1936 etch was used throughout their manufacturing timeline. So, we look at the progression of die flaws to date these HJ daggers. This one has all the die flaws known so it dates to late 1938 or early 1939 most likely. There is no motto on this example and there never was. The blade is in very good condition still having a polished look to much of it. There are scuffs from armature use of a sharpening stone, as we see on most HJ knifes from the kids who owned them. This one though, has not been abused like we often see. The hilt is zinc with most of the nickel finish still present. Just a bit of wear from the scabbard buckle can be seen. Grip plates are 100% and the HJ enamel has a little bit of play like we like to see. The enamel has a small chip on the 12 o’clock arm if the blade is pointing down. These have a nice beefy leather buffer as well. The scabbard shows some light oxidation but no dents and for an aged piece, it’s pretty handsome. The leather is great, with no damage and a functional snap. The leather is soft and pliable.  A great example overall.

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