SMGM-0338 NSLB 1933 (The National Socialist Teachers League) Badge In Silver


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Super rare. Some have called it an honor badge.

Badge is die struck in solid silver, marked “800” and “Ges. Gesch.” on reverse, 26.17mm x 30.64mm, in extremely fine condition, and rare. The purpose of this badge is unknown, possibly worn by the NSLB leaders. Some have called it an honor badge.

Footnote: The National Socialist Teachers League (German: Nationalsozialistische Lehrerbund, NSLB), was established on 21 April 1929. This organization lasted until 1943. Its seat was in Bayreuth. The founder and first Reichswalter of the organization was Hans Schemm. Its organ was the Nationalsozialistische Lehrerzeitung (NS Teachers’ News). This organization saw itself as “the common effort of all persons who saw themselves as teachers or wanted to be seen as educators, independently from background or education and from the type of educational institution”. Its goal was to make the National Socialist worldview and foundation of all education and especially of schooling. In order to achieve this, it sought to have an effect on the political viewpoint of educators, insisting on the further development of their spirit along Nationalsocialist lines. Organized mountain excursions in places called Reichsaustauschlager (Exchange Camps of the Reich) were perceived as helping in this purpose. After the Nazi takeover of power in 1933 the Nazi Party validated the NSLB as the sole organization of teachers in the German Reich (membership was not compulsory). In July 1935 the NSLB was merged with the existing organization of lecturers to form the Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Dozentenbund (NSDDB) (National Socialist German Lecturers League).

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