SMGM-3159 Hitler Youth Knife by Boker Transitional M7/75


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A gorgeous knife with a desirable steel hilt construction and easy to read blade trademark. The blade shows light wear with what looks like the factory edge and no additional sharpening. As with nearly all HJ knives, it has been cleaned up with abrasives. There are a few knicks on the spin of the blade. The plated steel hilt looks great with only minor wear and a few “tack hammer” marks on the butt. The grip plates are in great shape showing some old dirt in the recesses and some small chips around the rivet heads which is pretty normal. The enamel diamond is nearly perfect with no chips and minor wear. It has a bit of wobble as we like to see. The scabbard is the correct boker style with two cloth covered runners which leads to better blade wear and is rattle free compared to other makers. There is some paint wear but overall about 85% and no dents. The leather is in good shape but there is a crack on the back which you should be mindful of an maybe but some leather preserver on there. The back is stamped LFS with an oakleaf. The button functions perfectly. Overall this is a fantastic HJ knife from a desirable maker to add to your collection.

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