SMGM-3178 Army Dagger by Holler, 2nd pattern cross guard * ON HOLD


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This is a fantastic dagger with heavy silver plate and a rarely seen limited production guard. A must for the type collector! The blade is a screamer at a 9.5 out of 10! The scabbard has a gorgeous silver plate that has toned nicely and matches all the other parts. The scabbard is dent free with only some light signs of wear and plate lifting. There are two spots that look kind of like a glue or something was dripped on it. Just on one side. I dare not touch it for fear of removing the coloration on the rest of the scabbard. The cross guard is fantastic with the plating but does show wear to the edges and high spots. there are a few marks on the reverse as well. The early style celluloid grip is crack and chip free with very minor signs of wear. The pommel is a beautiful hand embellished version that really sets up the rest of the dagger. A high quality piece here.

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