SMGM-3583 Herbert Junge – schwere Flak-Abteilung Knights Cross winner signatures (2) Letter, envelope to Caldwell Stewart


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Includes Signed Envelope to Emilie Caldwell Stewart, a well known paper work expert and author. Also a letter to Stewart with a second signature.

From Traces of war:

The following telex, dated 12.03.1945 at 17:50, describes the action by Junge and his gun crew that would lead to his award of the Knight’s Cross…
“Self-reported: In the time period 08.-12.03.1945 held positions at Greifenhagen with 10 men and a woman. In this time 13 tanks were knocked out with the 8.8 cm gun and Panzerfausts, of which 8 were destroyed on one day.”

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