SMGM-3616 Early SA dagger scabbard for parts


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The anodizing on this is ok, not glorious but suitable to salvage and upgrade something. A light dent on one side. Oxidation present. Upper mount is nickel silver but the hanger loop was broken off and there was an attempt to thread a whole and use a threaded eyelet instead of solder a new ring on. The throat screws look ok but are turned out because they are too long and would catch the blade. So you would need to file those down to fit better. I was able to easily take out the throat for inspection, so that means for sure it was taken out before. you can see some light tool marks indicating that as well. The throat and brass runners are in good shape. No bottom fitting obviously. The lead counter weight is in there. The bottom holes look a little stripped out so you may need to get creative there. I mean look, this is a project, so if you are into it, go for it. If you don’t want to tinker..this likely isn’t for you.

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