SMGM-3704 8 pc Medal bar 1914 ek2, KVK2 Hanseatic, Hindenburg, Imperial 25 yr, 18 luft, 4 year luft, sudentenland


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A nice large bar here with all fine condition medals. There are a few minor inclusions in the Hanseatic medal but nothing too serious.  Some of the medals have been tied down to avoid the medals from dangling around too much so i was not able to take pictures of the reverses.


The Hanseatic Cross was jointly instituted by agreement of the senates of the three cities, with each senate ratifying the award on different days. The Lübeck version was established first, on 21 August 1915. The Hamburg version followed on 10 September and the Bremen version on 14 September. The cross was awarded for merit in war, and could be awarded to civilians as well as military personnel. When awarded for bravery or combat merit, it was the three cities’ equivalent of the Prussian Iron Cross.

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