SMGP-1060 KM marked kriegsflag g.a. fr?hlichs sohn a.g. warnsdorf.sud *SOLD


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100×170 kriegsflagge g.a. fr?hlichs sohn a.g. warnsdorf.sud
This is one of the nicest and well marked Kriegsflags I have had to the pleasure to offer. If you aren’t familiar, these are generally referred to as a “battle flag” and usually they are just marked with the size, some times the maker. On lesser occasions, you will find them marked with an eagle over a capital M, such as this, denoting that is for the kreigsmarine (navy). So this one is just a killer! It has the size, a lesser seen maker, and a KM proof stamp! And if that wasn’t good enough, the stamps are nice and bright meaning this example hasn’t been washed and is likely brand new un issued stock! And the size is a very desirable medium size that’s not too big for display! The condition is near flawless except for a few tiny holes I spotted. If you were ever looking for a killer example for your collection, stop looking at the run of the mill ones and pick this up! If you guys don’t buy it soon, its going in my personal collection!

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