SMGP-1358 Blut und Boden Milk “production battle” Certificate $100


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It’s fascinating to look into the competitive nature of third reich organizations to max out capacity. This certificate is about 15x11inches and in in great shape with only one big crease at the bottom and no major rips. Produced on card stock.

In 1934, Herbert Backe, Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food, developed a concept for improving the performance of food production. The program was announced by Reichslandwirtschaftsminister Richard Walther Darr? and Backe at the Reichsbauerntag on 17 November 1934 in Goslar. However, the first mention of the “slaughter of slaughter” is already in 1930 in Darr?’s article in the Volkischer Beobachter, in which he envisages such an action following the example of the “Weizenschlacht” in Italy in 1925. The production battles included a catalog of measures by which the degree of self-sufficiency in Germany was to be raised to the highest possible economic limit in order to make the nationalsocialist Germany as independent of food imports as possible, especially with regard to the imminent war.

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