SMGP-1415 Deschler Hoard War Merit Cross With Original paper KVK2


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So, we have here an opportunity to buy mint condition, un awarded crosses from the famous “Deschler Hoard”. Basically there was an old shop that was being gutted and they found boxes of factory sealed cases of all types of awards. All of the awards were from the Deschler Firm. These crosses are all clearly marked “1” on the Ribbon loop and come with a piece of original ribbon. There are all the early style in high relief, detailed tombak. Now, as the condition of the packaging varies, you have the option to buy grade “A” package or grade “B”. Grade “A” packages are in decent shape with minor condition issues, however they will all have some holes or rips in the tissue paper. Grade “B” will have more holes and tears and be more susceptible to damage from opening the paper repeatedly. So, there is a $5 difference. $45 for grade “B” or $50 for grade “A” Currently we have a bunch of each so order as many as you like. These are all without swords.

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