SMGP-399 Model 1915 Officers’s Pickelhaube, Prussian *SOLD


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Known as a Pickelhaube (spiked helmet) and made of hardened leather and brass. A tall brass spike extends upward from a plate on top of the helmet and an impressive Wappen (coat of arms) featuring a large spread eagle is attached to the front of the helmet.The initials ?FR? are shown on the eagle?s breast. Brass trim is on the edge of the front visor and runs as a rib down the middle of the helmet?s back ending at the bottom edge of the neck guard. Two short posts are mounted on the leather helmet at the location of the wearer?s ears. Two round, colored cockades are mounted on the side posts under the ends of the chinstrap – one is for the national colors and the other denoted the soldier?s province (Prussia, Bavaria, etc.).

This Prussian example is in fair condition, seeing as these are so hard to come by in mint condition anyway. The helmet has not been altered or messed with in any way and retains all original mounts and hardware. As you can see there are some condition issues and cracking on the leather, which is very common with these. The spike is in great shape, as is all of the brass. Mo major dents, just typical patina for a 100 year old helmet. The only problem with this helmet is that it is missing a few chin scales on one side and the strap has been torn. So, this damage is why this helmet is being offered at such a low price.

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