SMGP-653 Informal Pattern AH Knife (Adolf Hitler’s Residence Silverware) *SOLD


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This is a 100% authentic and WAF verified piece. Informal patterns are thought to have been produced in less quantity making them rarer then the formal pattern. However, demand for the formal pattern is greater, keeping the informal pattern priced less then the formal. This pattern is supposedly used for lunches or lesser affairs at residences of Hitler. The length is about 8 and 1/4 inches. It has all the proper hallmarks you would expect. Especially brilliant is the etched makers mark on the stainless steel blade. The blade contains all of the original cross graining, making this a barely used specimen.
With a very limited number of this type of silverware produced, we have seen the prices continue to rise despite economic down turns. This is a fantastic investment opportunity, priced lower then the big boys.

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