SMGP-683 German M-35 Converted to early post 1942 Spanish army


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This is a pretty cool find. A German M-35 shell that was likely left behind by the Condor legion after the Spanish Civil War. It has a Model M-26 liner in it which is pretty neat. Many of these still have the original German M-35 liner but this one must have had a damaged liner and it was replaced with an extra M-26 Spanish liner. The liner is in very good condition actually. The only issue is one bale for securing the chin strap is gone. It was repainted on the inside twice. Likely once when it was adopted for Spanish use before 1942 and once after direction came out in 1942 to add the clip for the insignia, which needed to be welded in place and repainting would have been needed again.  No dents and a nice dark brown outer shell paint with a lighter tropical brown paint on the inside.

Not to be confused with the Spanish made Modello Z which did not have a rolled edge and used 5 rivet liner system and was used up until the late 70’s

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