SMGP-833 RAD Brocade With belt 1936! *SOLD


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Ok, This brocade is awesome. Assman logo, DRGM and “36” all on the reverse. Now, why so cheap? Well, the belt itself has seen better days. The belt has begun to crack badly. Someone tried to save it by putting on saddle soap or something, making the belt a little be careful what you put it on. Now, the person who did this, got some of the leather restore on the medal brocade, so we had to clean it up a bit. You will see some remnants of this in the recessed areas. You can still remover the rest with some work if you want to. We also have the opposite catch for the buckle. A rare treat. This is a great brocade and belt for just the brocade price! And an early one too!

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