SMGP-859 Rudolf von Ribbentrop Signature on 4×6 photo *SOLD


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This is a Genuine signature on a VERY hazy photo reprint. Here is a great opportunity to get a genuine signature from the last living member of the waffen SS to be awarded a knights cross! The Here is some history of Ribbentrop: On 1 September 1939, when World War II started, von Ribbentrop joined as a recruit in the replacement battalion of the SS-Infantry Regiment Deutschland in Munich.[1] A month later, in October 1939, von Ribbentrop was transferred to the field regiment, which was located in the occupied portion of Czechoslovakia. In this regiment, he was enlisted to the 11. Kompanie.[2] He served in this Kompanie during the Western Campaign, winning the Iron Cross second class, and was promoted to Sturmmann. He was also wounded for the first time. After the Western Campaign, Ribbentrop was sent to the SS-Junkerschule in Braunschweig in order to gain traning as platoon leader. He was commissioned on 20 April 1941 as a Untersturmf?hrer. He was given command of a platoon in 1. Kompanie in Reconnaissance Battalion “Nord”.[3] Upon the invasion of Russia, SS-Kampfgruppe Nord was sent to Finland where Ribbentrop was to distinguish himself and was awarded the Finnish Freedom Cross, fourth class. On 2 September 1941, Ribbentrop was wounded again in his left forearm. He was sent to the SS hospital in Hohenlychen, where he stayed until February 1942. After a home leave, he was reassigned to the newly formed Panzerregiment of the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH). He was transferred to 3. Kompanie’s first Platoon as Platoon leader. After serving briefly with the Regimental Staff as a Operations Officer, he was then assigned to the 6. Kompanie, II./SS-PzRgt 1, in command of the first Platoon where he went into action during the retreat from Kharkov. Ribbentrop was wounded for the third time during these battles; shot in the right shoulder blade, and left shoulder. He also had a minor lung wound. Ribbentrop was awarded the Iron Cross first class for his personal bravery in these battles. On 1 March 1943 Ribbentrop succeeded SS Lieutenant Alt as commander of the 7. Kompanie,[4] and was the Kompaniechef during the recapture of Kharkov. After Kharkov was captured, Ribbentrop was placed as a Regimental Adjutant. One month later he was given the responsibility of training Luftwaffe members that were sent to the LSSAH. On 15 June he returned to field command, and was appointed commander of 6. Kompanie. One month later, on 20 July he was awarded the Knight’s Cross.[1] On 1 August he was transferred to the newly formed 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend, and was charged with commanding two Junior officer training courses. Four months later he was appointed commander of the 3. Kompanie, I./SS-PzRgt 12. On 3 June 1944, heading back to Le Neubourg following a training excersize, his car was attacked by a Spitfire, and von Ribbentrop was wounded for the fourth time. By 9 June, he was back in command of his Kompanie. During the defensive battles in Normandy, Ribbentrop was awarded the German Cross in Gold, and the Panzer Assault Badge. Following the breakout from Falaise, von Ribbentrop was made the Regimental Adjutant to SS-Panzerregiment 12. It was in this capacity that he saw action during Operation Wacht Am Rhein. On 20 December he was wounded for the fifth time with a shell fragment in his mouth. He was awarded the Wound Badge in Gold, and was given command of I./SS-PzRgt 12. He commanded this Abteilung until the Division surrendered to the Americans on 8 May 1945.

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