SMGQ-0012 Model 1898 Bayonet by WKC


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These things are really becoming tough to find! When you do find them, there is always some major issue like rust or a bent scabbard. This one is in choice condition! These bayonets are a whopping 26inches long! This is a nickel plated version with a nice nickel plated blade as well. There are trace amounts of oxidation but you really have to examine it close to see it. There are some small nicks and wear marks as well. Overall, a VERY nice blade for the age. The grip plates are in great condition and they have two slightly different stain shades to them, lending me to think one of the panels was replaced nearly 100 years ago. There certainly is no evidence of anything being replaced in modern times. The hilt and guard are in great condition as well, showing minor wear and trace amounts of oxidation. The lug or catch is freely moving and in good working order. The frog is well worn but seems to be in good shape and not falling apart. Some leather conditioner might be in order to keep it going another 100 years. The leather scabbard, remarkably is not bent and looks fantastic. Both upper an lower fittings are in great shape as well with no evidence of being taken apart. A killer piece for a more advanced bayonet collector!

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