SMGQ-0080 1939 Type 1 Condor legion Style Black wound badge *ON LAYAWAY


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The as of now, there is no designated difference between a Condor legion wound badge and the first pattern 1939 wound badge. So the collector community mixes and matches the terms. Also you will hear “Spanish type”. Whatever you want to call it, this one is a really stunning. I put this up the on the WAF to get opinions on it because honestly, it looks TOO NICE. It came back thumbs up from some big names in the badge world. Super sharp edges and details. A finish that you really can’t take your eyes off of as well. It appears the Tombak base metal was silvered first, then coated with a black finish. Seems much too perfect for paint, so i’m assuming its a brenlack or something nicer. The end result anyway is a gun metal grey finish with hints of silver and brass tomback highlights on the high relief areas. The top hinge is intentionally bent upward to allow the badge to sit flatter on the uniform. This is really just a phenomenal piece that you will be super happy with.  The pictures really don’t’ do it justice.

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