SMGQ-0092 Red Enamel HJ Member badge by otto Hoffmann


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There is a bit of a ping pong match going on in relation to Otto Hoffman marked badges. I will sum it up for you. 1. All non red colored enamel HJ badges are fantasy. Don’t listen to any dumb dumb tell you crap about “marine HJ” or “Olympic event”. It’s bogus and not true. Most, if not all of these fantasy items are marked otto hoffmann. 2. Otto Hoffmann did not have RZM permissions, but we know of several makers who made items during the RZM years without RZM permissions. 3. It was thought Otto Hoffman was not a third Reich producer at all, until period advertisements were found that show specialization in Cloth HJ/BDM related items. 4. There is reasonable logic by advanced collectors and researchers that assumes it IS possible O.H. did make red pins and possibly other HJ related metal goods as well (or at least subcontracted someone to do it).


What I personally have observed is that the pin you see here, has a different plate attachment that differentiates it from ALL of the fantasy items and MOST of the other O. Hoffman items you see pop up. The overall look seems to be early in feel and style and looks very different then most of the others you see. I have seen this version pop up on other sites in rarity. So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this one is GOOD, even though there are surely BAD Red ones out there.

Here is a link for further reading: Did Otto Hoffmann make Hitler Youth membership badges after all? – Page 4 – Hitler Youth Militaria Collector Forum (

I’m pricing it Cheap. If it ever becomes un questioned, you double your money!

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