SMGQ-0160 Insurance dues card (Quittungskarte) 1939 dated


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This one looks like the owner paid in advance rather then have to keep dealing with all the different stamps OR he was in the rears and was made to pay past dues. You will notice th stamps are all one color and put on in full sheets and strips. Grades excellent.


“Quittungskarte – “insurance card” receipts was used within the Reich and the incorporat*ed territories as a compulsory accident insurance (Invaliderversicherung). The receipts served as a confirmation of the insurance payment by the German employees. These re*ceipts confirmed the discharge of the relevant insurance premiums. Special stamps were glued to the back of one’s card receipts once a week. Since July 1942, Quittungskarte should have contained information about the period of contribution, the amount, one’s health insurance’s company name which received the premiums and the employer. The agency responsible for the insurance scheme should send after a year, or after 3 years latest, a report to the govern*mental agency handling these affairs. On one side there was information about the social insurance company. On the other side there was information about the sickness fund of the holder (AOK here – Allgemeine Ort*skrankenkasse), and stamp or some signature from employer. Card receipts were valid for two years from the date of issue. Stamps on this card also contained information about previous stamps on the previous card receipts. If one changed employers, his receipts could still be used and confirmed the continuation or renewed insurance. Insured workers could receive a sum*mary of discharges by card receipts of contributions as a summary-book” -Posted in a forum

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