SMGQ-0270 U.S. WWII M3A1 Gas Mask dated 1942 and MIVA1 Gas Mask Bag


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Mask is missing filter can and nose piece. The mask rubber is still flexible and in good shape. Eye lenses show average wear and discoloration for its age. Head strap buckles are in gret shape indicating good storage technique. Mask straps are no longer elastic. Carry bag is heavy duty canvas and is in excellent shape. Bag has some personalized writing and numbers on it outside of government markings.


“The M1 Design had first come about in 1921 as an improvement of the M1919 gas mask, developed at the end of WWI. It then went through several improvements, with the M1A2 being introduced in 1934, and remaining the standard U.S. Gas mask into the early years of WWII. However the delicate “bladder” under the mask was prone to breakage, so it was replaced with the M2 and later M3 diaphragm based gas masks. These themselves went through several revisions, and this is the M3A1, the last design used as a standard issue. This example has the correct U.S. / U marking on the forehead, indicating the “Universal” size of the M3A1.”

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