SMGQ-0285 Cherbourg- Rouen 1941 war office map


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Sent home by an admin officer (captain at the time) Charlie Gebhardt from the 9th US army. The map is in phenominal condition and was likely an “extra” that he sent home to his family and never saw  any real use. His signature is on the top right corner. There are three stickers with notes written on them. Hard to say when the stickers were put on, but surely many years after the war and possibly by family members after speaking with Charlie. The northern most sticker reads ” Landed Omaha Beach D +30″,  the second says “Home Office” and the third says ” From Carentan saw & FELT 000’s of planes to bomb stLo area and open the way for Patton’s tank army.” Super cool item! Suitable for framing.  Shipped folded as found.

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