SMGQ-0286 Karl Heinz Boska Signature knights cross winner


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This is an authentic post war signature in marker on a very clean portrait on matte finish card stock and dated 1990. Boska Died in 2004. There is some damage to the reverse two corners due to it previously being secured to an album with adhesive.


Boska’s Knight’s Cross recommendation reads as follows…

“SS-Obersturmführer Boska is an outstanding leader who has mastered several difficult situations while always leading his subordinated Panzers with great prudence.

On the 09.11.1943 he and his Zug received the mission of standing by in the Schewtschenkiwka area in order to defend against enemy armoured attacks in the sector of the Grenadier-Regiment 344.

At 05:00 on the 10.11.1943 Boska drove up to and beyond the frontline near Schewtschenkiwka his 5 operational Panzer IVs. He wished to orient his commanders as to the terrain and simultaneously reconnoiter opposite Bolschaja Grab.

After Boska had driven a few hundred metres beyond the frontline he spotted an enemy infantry attack being launched from Bolschaja Grab in the direction of the eastern part of Stepanowka. Although the Russian attacking spearheads were already 200 metres before friendly lines there was no indication that the friendly infantry had spotted the enemy.

Recognizing the danger, Boska made the independent decision to attack from the march into the enemy’s right flank and thereby unhinge the totally surprised enemy. Boska’s Zug went on to almost totally destroy the enemy force located on flat fields during the course of a battle that lasted over 2 hours. The enemy left behind 380 dead and numerous heavy weapons on the battlefield (see list). The prisoners captured here provided valuable statements for the leadership.

Utilizing this success, Boska then pursued the last fleeing hostile elements back to the edge of Bolschaja Grab. Here he entered into a major firefight with 7 enemy anti-tank guns that had been brought into position in the meantime. These were also destroyed with coordinated fire, and he then engaged the newly appearing infantry. 2 of the deployed anti-tank guns were captured and brought back. Boska then pulled back from the enemy, having lost none of his own Panzers.

During the night of the 09./10.11.1943 the Russians broke through the right wing of the 75. Infanterie-Division with a tank brigade, and by the morning of the next day they stood in Ssolimonki with 16 tanks and 2 infantry companies. This attack, in conjunction with the enemy regimental-sized attack that had been beaten back by Boska, was intended to lead to the encirclement of the 75. Infanterie-Division and create the necessary conditions for an advance against Bjela Zerkoff. But the situation was instead ultimately resolved in our favour thanks to the clear, swift and independent action by Boska, who also showed outstanding bravery during his attack. His intervention prevented a consequently unavoidable enemy thrust against Bjela Zerkoff. The broken-in enemy tanks and infantry were eventually destroyed by the handful of available reserves who were now free to act in this way thanks to Boska’s successful riposte.

Successes of Boska’s operation:

63 prisoners,
380 dead,
5 anti-tank guns (7.62 cm) destroyed,
2 anti-tank guns (7.62 cm) captured,
3 anti-tank rifles destroyed,
100 rifles destroyed.”

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