SMGQ-0288 Fritz Christen Knights cross winner Signature


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A genuine post war signature in felt tip pen on a glossy copy of one of his portraits. The original portrait had a crease and was copied, so the crease that is visible is not actually part of this copy. Photo is about 6x4in Not an easy signature to find right now.


Fritz Christen (June 29, 1921 – September 23, 1995) was a decorated soldier of the Totenkopf division of the Waffen-SS during World War II

Having missed the Polish campaign, and having cut its teeth successfully in France, the Totenkopf division was heavily embroiled in combat on the Eastern front from the first days of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. On the morning of September 24, 1941, Christen and his anti-tank battery were engaging Russian targets north of the village of Lushno (Luzhno). In an initial engagement, Soviet skirmishers killed all of the other men of the battery. While exposed to artillery and small arms fire, Christen manned his 50mm cannon alone, holding on without supplies or provisions for the next three days. When a counterattack by other Totenkopf troops recaptured Lushno, Christen was credited with having knocked out 13 Soviet tanks and killed nearly 100 enemy soldiers singlehandedly. The soldiers that greeted him were baffled that a single artilleryman could hold his position against hundreds of Soviet troops and a formidable armor presence. For this stunning act of individual bravery, SSObergruppenführer Theodor Eicke awarded Christen with the Iron Cross, First Class and recommended him simultaneously for the Knight’s Cross. Subsequently, Hitler awarded him the Knight’s Cross, making Christen the first enlisted man in his division to be given the honor.

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