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An authentic post war signature on matte 5 x 3.5 in photo card stock. Done in white marker.  A tough signature to find right now.

From Military wiki:

Hans Flügel (13 February 1919 — 1 March 1989) was a Sturmbannführer (Major) in the Waffen-SS during World War II who was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. This was awarded to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Early life

Hans Flügel was born on the 13 February 1919, in Arzberg.[1][2]

After he finished school at the age of 16 he volunteered to join the SS in August 1935.[2]

He was posted to the 1st SS Totenkopf Standarte Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria) and was then transferred to the 12th Company Deutschland.[2]

He missed the Polish Campaign as he had been selected to become an officer and was posted to the SS-Junkerschule at Bad Tölz, when he graduated he was given command in the 4th (MG) Company, SS Deutschland for the Battle of France.[1][2]

World War II

After the Battle of France, Flügel was given command of the 8th Company, SS Deutschland, and later transferred to the Reconnaissance Battalion, of Das Reich.[1][2]

In the spring of 1942 he transferred to the 5th SS Panzer Battalion, SS Division Wiking as commander of the 2nd Company, which was engaged in the offensive at Rostov in the Caucasus.[1][2]

In 1943 he was selected to be the Ordonnanzoffizier (aide-de-camp), to Obergruppenführer (General), Felix Steiner and helped form the 103 SS Heavy Panzer Battalion, where he was in command of the 1st Company.[1][2]

In mid 1944 he returned to the SS Wiking as the Adjutant of the 5th SS Panzer Regiment, until August 1944 when he took over command of the II.Battalion, 5th SS Panzer Regiment.[1][2]

It was while in Command of the II.Battalion that he was awarded the Knight’s Cross on the 16 October 1944.[1][2]

Post War

Hans Flügel survived the war and died on the 1 March 1989, in Naila.[1][2]


  • 4th (MG) Company, SS Deutschland Regiment
  • 8th Company, SS Deutschland Regiment
  • 2nd Company, 5th SS Panzer Regiment
  • 1st Company, 103rd SS Panzer Battalion
  • II.Battalion, 5th SS Panzer Regiment [1]


  • Knight’s Cross (16-10 ’44)
  • German Cross in Gold (13-12 ’42)
  • EK I (5-8 ’41)
  • EK II (19-6 ’40)
  • Panzer Badge in Silver “75” (’44)
  • Panzer Badge in Silver “25” (11 ’43)
  • Panzer Badge in Silver (8 ’42)
  • Infantry Badge in Silver
  • Eastern Front Medal 1941/42
  • Wound Badge (Gold) (3 ’43)
  • Wound Badge (Silver) (10 ’41)
  • Wound Badge (Black) (1-7 ’40)
  • SS Long Service Medal (4.Grade)
  • German Sports Badge (Bronze)
  • SA-Sports Badge (Bronze)
  • Sudeten Medal with Prague Castle Bar
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