SMGQ-0332 US Navy Mark 2 Fighting Knife by Robeson Suredge Earliest production (Ka-Bar)


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This version is the earliest MK 2 version with the red spacer next to the guard. This was thought to keep the guard from meeting the moisture absorbing leather thus, keep it from rusting. The use of this spacer was ended later in the war, so in this case it helps date the knife to the earliest production run, along with the leather sheath or scabbard. The knife shows a lot of wear which is common for knives that were in theater. They were used as a tool as well as a fighting knife. There is no doubt that this one was digging trenches in the dirt at some point in its’s lifespan. The blade is well worn and has been sharpened a few times.  Originally these had a parkerized finish, which is long gone on this used knife. The blade tang goes through the pommel cap and is hammered over. There is a little wiggle which is normal since they are not threaded. The scabbard is the early stapled version and is in fully functional condition with no major damage, just normal field wear. The snap leather shows wear but is not ripped or dry rotted. Clearly stamped U.S.N. on the front and “BoyT -43-” under the snap leather.

A great opportunity to pick up a desirable early MK2 Knife by the manufacturer who made the least number of knives.  Often called a “Ka-Bar” because of markings on the Union Cutlery blade. Union Cutlery made the largest amount of the Mark 2 knives, so eventually everyone in the military began calling the knife a Ka-Bar regardless of who made it or what marks were on the ricasso.

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