SMGQ-0340 German ULLR Patron Saint Of Winter Sports Medal


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Two-piece construction, bronze with red and green enameled insignia on a bronze base, obverse illustrating a spread-winged eagle, its head framed by a wreath, surrounded by the inscription “Schutzpatron der Wintersportler”, reverse illustrating the Norse god Ullr, known for his skill in archery and skiing, often considered to be patron god of archers and skiers, dressed in winter wear with skis on his feet, an archer’s bow in his right hand, a ski pole in his left hand, inscribed “ULLR” at the left, 30.7 mm, two thin straps of leather attached to the medal, a long one fed through the two integral loops on the top of the medal and tied in a knot, a short one fed through the integral loop on the bottom of the medal and tied in a knot, intact enamels.

Comes with an additional and likely unrelated small pin that was wrapped around the leather, that i assume was for a tie. It says 1934 on it.

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