SMGQ-0346 Der Mythus des 20.Jahrhunderts by Rosenberg, Alfred 1942


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An absolutely Stunning 1942 edition. It is in absolute mint condition. It has the original wax paper protective jacket and the original sales box that is stamped “Rosanberg Mythus”! The box does have some wear and the flap torn off. It must have been opened a million times and never read! You will likely never find a war time copy in better shape than this!



Widely regarded as the second most-important book to come out of National Socialist Germany (after Mein Kampf), Alfred Rosenberg’s The Myth of the 20th Century stands as a monumental work of social and political philosophy. Originally published in 1930 and then revised in 1937, this book lays out a comprehensive vision of the emerging racially-oriented German state. The “myth” is the Myth of the Blood: the idea that race or genetics is the proper founding principle of the modern state, and that the purpose of the state is to serve and protect its majority race. This was actually a very ancient concept, one that was lost in the late modern era but rediscovered by Hitler, Rosenberg, and other leading National Socialists. Rosenberg’s penetrating analysis covers a vast range of scholarly topics: Greek, Nordic, and German mythology; ancient literature; Western and Eastern theology; the unique qualities of Judaism; philosophy of science; metaphysics; art and aesthetics; feminism; capitalism; Marxism-and much more. More than any other single work, Myth of the 20th Century presents the ideological foundations of the new Germany, and offers a comprehensive worldview to serve as a guiding image.

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