SMGQ-0362 Canadian version of the US Safe Conduct Pass *ON LAYAWAY


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This is slightly smaller then the typical red one we see. There is no code on the back and the reverse has different verbiage then the red one. It looks like this version may have been made from the original red version by the Canadians. The Reverse speaks specifically to the 1st Canadian Divisions pressure on the German 64th Infantry in the Breskens Pocket. It is also smaller, at 4.25in x 6.5in. WW2 Allied printed “Passierschien” Safe Conduct Pass leaflet, printed in both English and German, these were dropped over Germany by the Allies to encourage the German forces to surrender. The German Serviceman bearer of the Safe Conduct Pass would allowed to surrender without fear of harm. The leaflet bears the printed name and signature of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force. This is likely much rarer then the standard US versions.

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