SMGQ-0369 “APPELL” July 1944 Anti War/Hitler German Propaganda letter


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Wow! This is a LENGTHY and highly detailed letter to the German people. It appears to be written by other Germans who are fed up with the lies and losses the Germans have suffered at the hands of Hitlers’ blood lust. It urges the German people (and troops) to stand up to Hitler and end the war before Germany is destroyed.  The letter details many troop losses, miscalculations, political blunders, misinformation, and turning points.  At the end it is supposedly endorsed 16 Generals.  I’m not an expert in propaganda so i cannot say if this was put out by the Russians or in fact an anti Hitler/War Movement. It is REALLY well done if it was by the Russians. Most Russian Propaganda is much shorter and the type of language is less specific and more rudimentary.


It is one page that was folded in two so there are 4 separate scans to capture the whole document.

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