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We got a good deal on a collection of these hard to find magazines and we are passing the value down to you.  We have the best price on the internet and I believe the only large supply in the united states currently.  All of these have the same cover art for the same Gau. The condition on all is used, with some discoloration and staining. There may also be creases, hand writing and small tears, but no major damage. The price is for ONE (1) random magazine. If you are looking for a particular publication date please send an email and we will see what we can do for you. If you order multiples, none will be the same edition.

What to expect with these if you are not familiar: Articles for school teachers and advertisements for all types of products. From vacuums, to razors to NSDAP uniform shops. EACH MAGAZINE has a different print date and different articles and different articles and pictures. The articles can range from all sorts of topics. All black and white. Photos vary from one or two, to one on every page. They are about 20 pages, but can vary. They are about the size of a tradional modern magazine and nothing like those huge military magazines. A great item for the Hitler Youth collector.


The German Educator was a magazine of the NSLB. It appeared in its course under various titles.

Contents were the propagandistic training of teachers and educators. It should unite the educators and teach them uniformly. But also training material for the education and instruction of the children, instructions for the training, propagandistic articles with a political character. The topics were wide-ranging.
Overview of the entire course of publication as well as the topics of the Research Center for Nazi Pedagogy.

The NSLB was also responsible for the following school newspapers:
H – Hilf mit! – Illustrierte deutsche SchülerzeitungD
– Deutsche JugendburgD
– Deutsche Jugendburg Ausgabe A Bilderzeitschrift für die JüngstenAugust

1929: The first issue is published. The title is: NationalSozialistische Lehrerzeitung – Kampfblatt des nationalsozialistischen LehrerbundJune
1933: The last issue of the National Socialist Teachers’ Newspaper is published. It is renamed.
July 1933: The new title is now: Reichszeitung der deutschen ErzieherMarch
1938: The last issue under this title is published.
April 1, 1938: The last renaming takes place. Der Deutsche Erzieher – Reichzeitung des NSLB publishesA new count is introduced. The issues begin again in April 1938 with No. 1.
The German Educator is now the umbrella publication of the NSLB, which initially appears twice a month.
All previously published Gaus editions of the various teachers’ newspapers are united in the German Educator.
According to the magazine itself, a total of 30 different Gaus editions are now published, each of which is as follows:

  1. Part of the empire with its own page counting and numbering. Reich-related topics, education, training of educators.
  2. Gauteil: Basically, a separate magazine in the magazine. The previously separate editions of the individual Gaue continue to exist here. They have their own numbing, but follow the numbers of the German educator. The editions also have their own page count. The individual Gaue are responsible for the content and the printing.
  3. Reichanzeigenteil. Here you will find empire-related advertisements, travel and bath section, smaller articles, chess etc. This part also has its own page count, but in Roman numerals to set itself apart from the other two parts.

In 1938, a special election number appears out of order.
1938 closes with No. 181939
: The issues continue to be published twice a month from January to July 1939, No. 1-14August
1939: No. 15/16 appears as a double issueSeptember
1939: The issues now appear monthly. In 1939, a total of 21 issues were published.
The last monthly issue was published in April 1943.
May/June 1943 was the first double number. The journal is now published in double editions every two months.
January/February 1945 is the last known edition.

As a supplement is known, among other things: Economics and Law – School and Civil Service Law Supplement to the Reichszeitung

According to information in the German Educator, 30 different Gau editions were published on April 1938.
Here is a list of The German Educators with corresponding Gauteil as well as their own year counts. Some of the individual titles had their own publication history beforehand. Here pending the vintage in which the 1938 editions were located.

  1. Edition Gau Ausland . The educator abroad
  2. Issue Gau Baden – Die badische Schule (6th year)
  3. Edition Gau Bayerische Ostmark – Der Erzieher in der Bayerischen Ostmark
  4. Edition Gau Berlin – National Socialist Education – published by the Gauverwaltung berlin of the NSLB (7th year)
  5. Issue Gau Danzig – Nazi Educators
  6. Issue Gau Düsseldorf – The German Educator
  7. Issue Gau Essen – Der deutsche Erzieher Rhein/Ruhr
  8. Issue Gau Franken – Blätter für die Schulpraxis und Erziehungs-Wissenschaft (49th year)
  9. Edition Gau Magdeburg-Anhalt – Mitteldeutscher Kulturwart
  10. Issue Gau Mainfranken – The German Educator
  11. Issue Gau Mecklenburg – Mecklenburgische Schulzeitung
  12. Edition Gau Halle-Merseburg – Erzieher im Braunhmed
  13. Issue Gau Hamburg – Hamburger Lehrerzeitung
  14. Edition Gau Hessen-Nassau – NS-Erzieher
  15. Edition Gau Koblenz-Trier – der Westmarkerzieher
  16. Issue Gau Köln-Aachen – Der Lehrerbund
  17. Edition Gau Kurhessen/Kassel – Kurhessischer Erzieher
  18. Imperial Edition
  19. Issue Gau B Saxony – Political Education
  20. Issue Gau Saarpfalz – Erzieher der Westmark – Zeitschrift des NSLB , Gau Saarpfalz (1.Jahrgang)
  21. Issue Gau Westfalen-Süd – ??? The Westphalian Educator (6th year)
  22. Edition Vienna-Niederdonau
  23. Edition Gau Württemberg-Hohenzollern

See alsoH
– Der HoheitsträgerS
– Der SchulungsbriefH
– Hilf mit! – Illustrierte deutsche SchülerzeitungD
– Deutsche JugendburgD
– Deutsche Jugendburg Ausgabe A Bilderzeitschrift für die Jüngsten

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