SMGQ-0434 Weltspiegel 1940 8mm invasion film reels #11 & #14 holland, Belgium & luxemburg with thumb drive conversions


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These are original film reels that were sold to the public as part of a series. We sent them out to be digitized and were lucky that the film was recoverable. One of them is a bit jumpy but still fascinating to watch. Both are about 5 minutes long, silent and contain all military action. Fires, bombing, paratrooper drops, artillery fire, street fighting, dead soldiers, blown up tanks and bridges. Amazing stuff. I uploaded them to you tube and added some background music and my commentary here: and here:

You will get both original films in their original sales boxes (there is some damage please see pictures. You will also get the complete digitized versions on two separate thumb drives for easy view and editing. The thumb drives DO NOT contain my edited you tube versions. Yours will be free of water marks, sound or narration but otherwise will be the same as the youtube links. You also get a paper that came with the film #14 explaining what is on it in German from the film maker.

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