SMGQ-0437 Austrian WWI Mannlicher M1895 NCO Bayonet by ŒWG Steyr with Hook Quillon & Scabbard


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These 1895 bayonets are pretty common, but much less so in the NCO version such as this. The difference from the standard enlisted man’s is the loop at the end, which enabled the wearer to attach a decorative unit ID troddel (knot). The blade on this example is excellent but does show some signs of oxidation removal with a non-abrasive. The wood grips look great and the steel components are in great shape too with just a light surface oxidation. The rifle lug is in smooth working order. The scabbard is the correct style for this bayonet (often these are found with the wrong scabbard). The scabbard looks to have been cleaned up with an abrasive paper. There are a few dents as well. The frog is damaged unfortunately, but at least you get something, as the frogs for these can be tough to find as well. A nice pick up to add to your bayonet collection.

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