SMGQ-0448 M1915 Pickelhaube EM



A fine example of a late period pickelhaube that was issued after the order that helmets were to be made with steel instead of brass. The steel is painted in a light grey as required. The helmet strap is in good usable condition and is still rather soft. The helmet is not missing any parts and uses split pins instead of the earlier threaded posts. The front plate also used a pin fastening system instead of threaded posts as seen on most brass versions. Someone, possibly the soldier used bits of leather to lock the front plate in place instead of a metal pin. The leather doing this is very brittle and may need to be replaced. The helmet shell is in very fine shape. It has some wear, but nothing glaring and what’s best about it, is there are no dents or deformed areas The cockades above the ears are in amazing shape as well.  Overall, a stellar example of a late period enlisted man’s helmet.

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