SMGQ-0450 NSDAP banner 48×54″


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A super neat banner here! This one looks to have been modified from it’s original form by adding the metal loops to the top. We can tell because the fabric used to attach the loops is a different shade and twill from the main flag.  Both fabric types are period correct. At first glance the dimensions are nearly square and you would think it was a podium banner. However, it is double sided having a separate roundel sewn on each side, just as a typical long NSDAP banner would have. The metal pole loops are also not aluminum or RZM marked as you would normally expect from a similar loop found on a standarte. So I think this was originally a rectangular NSDAP banner that was cut down and loops added during the Third Reich time for a more special use. It could have been used as a flag, as there is a hole drilled in one metal loop for a screw. Or it could have been used to hang up high in a place that was large enough to view it from both sides but the ceilings of height that would make a regular NSDAP banner impractical. Maybe a beer hall or office building. There are a few moth holes but nothing that would concern me as far as further deterioration goes. On one side, the roundel is in great shape with minor staining. On the other, there are larger stains. We did hand wash this to see if we could lighten them a bit and did have success. During this process the strong smell of tobacco came out. But not a smoky smell, so i think the stains may be from Service men spitting chewing tobacco on it. A fascinating piece of history here and not like your run of the mill NSDAP banner.

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