SMGQ-0469 Early SA/NSKK Gaurd set with Pommel nut Area marked S


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This nickel set would be appropriate for a blade by Bickel, Herder, Muller, Pack, Ritter, Tillmann, Weyersber, Wingen, Wusthof and others. The HE foundry marks indicate Carl Eickhorn production. Eickhorn likely made these inhouse and sold to another retailer as Eickhorn was not a supplier of daggers to area S. The guards and pommel show lots of signs of use and an attempt to sand down the imperfections. The job was done poorly so you can see the sand paper marks. A little elbow grease would be needed to sand these down properly. If you have the time and skill set, these might be for you. If you dagger isn’t amazing looking, i guess you could use these as is. Unfortunately this set will never be perfect.

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