SMGQ-0472 Bastogne “Nuts” round brass plaque



U.S. Bastogne “Nuts” round brass plaque, a locally produced memento from Bastogne, Belgium, depicting U.S. General McAluiffe replying “NUTS” to a German surrender offer on December 22, 1944 during the German encirclement of the town of Bastogne, Belgium.

This plaque is known to exist in several variations. The first version seems to have been round. They were made in Couvin, Belgium; the round version is marked on the reverse, “patent” and it comes in two variations; with and without a raised border. The octagonal versions bear no markings and are believed to be a locally made copy of the Couvin plaque.

According to the 101st Airborne Division lore, these octagonal plaques were “awarded” in a ceremony after the war just prior to repatriation.

Often brass items like this were locally produced, generally from melted-down brass cartridge and shell casings of which there was a plethora after the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes. These were both presented to Bastogne veterans and sold locally after the war.

An impressive piece  at 5.5 inches and 1 pound 1 ounce. It has feet on the back and a hole drilled through one of them for hanging. This one shows some green oxidation and evidence of being used as an ashtray!

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