SMGQ-0487 SA/NSKK Early Cross guard set for Niederrhein (Nrh marked)


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This set came from a severely fire and water damaged dagger. The guards had to be sanded and hand file grooves re cut. Because it is early nickel and area stamped, it is worth the restoration. You will need to do the finish sanding with 2,000 grit or so and then a final polish to finish it off. Suitable area code for a variety of makers like Eickhorn, Horster, Herder, Klittermannn & Moog, Hugo, Christianswerk and a bunch more. However, the foundry code of “St” cast inside the guards limits you to Christianswerk, Halbach, Bontgen, Dirlam &  Remscheidm as they were known to produced daggers for Nrh AND use the St foundry. There may be others as well but caution should be used when trying to build a period correct dagger with this set.  The pommel nut has some wrench marks on it and the threaded collar has been bent in an awkward shape but still threads into the tank properly. Further finish work may be desired.

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