SMGR-0002 Home Letter From NSDAP Ortsgruppe Südend Leader Re: Christmas 1942

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In my opinion this is an absolutely fantastic piece of more localized Propaganda and moral boosting from an Ortsgruppenleitter. It avoids any macabre speak of the horrors of war and goes into stories of Christmas cheer and Santa Clause. It speaks to Wehrmacht protecting Germany from the advances of the Bolshevik army. This letter would have been handed out around the time of the Stalingrad disaster, or at least right before it happened. This would mark the turning point on the eastern front and I’m sure it wasn’t yet obvious that the Germans were on the verge of destruction.

A fascinating look at the type of language used on the home front during the Holiday season.   Printed on thick, almost linen type paper and with read color. A real eye catcher for all who read it at the time. Folded in quarters.

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