SMGR-0096 Hitler youth knife


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This knife is well used and was previously “De=Nazified” by removing the enamel diamond. We have had it properly restored causing no additional damage and used a correct size two prong grip diamond.  The diamond is in very good shape with no enamel damage and is a period original. You will notice there is still a little movement to the diamond, and it is not glued in. The bake lite grip panels show some damage from previous use and removal of the original diamond. the grips are secured tightly with the two rivets. The hilt shows wear and typical “tack hammer” use that is common to find on these. The blade shows evidence of water damage and sanding to repair it. No way to tell if this is an old scar or new one. The RZM code is nearly worn away with no maker code visible.  The blade has a nice edge on it and was not over ground. The scabbard has most of the paint on it and some average wear and a few small dings. The leather is getting a little dry and could uses some leather care. The snap is functional but a little worn.

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