SMGM-3714 Luftwaffe Generalluftzeugmeister Badge


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This one is made in some type of alloy that is heavier than aluminum and has a muted grey finish. All Prongs intact. Ges. Gesch. Marked.  Scarce! 65mm wingspan.

According to Third Reich Eagles:

“The Generalluftzeugmeister (or GL for short) was the civilian Supply and Procurement Service that handled many of the Luftwaffe’s technical duties such as testing and requisitioning supplies. The organization employed a large number of civilians and they were given a distinct cap badge to wear in order to distinguish it from regular units of the Luftwaffe. It was said that before the war, members wore a visor hat with the standard Luftwaffe eagle national emblem, but later the insignia was redesigned specifically for the Generalluftzeugmeister to include a cog wheel encircling the eagle. However, most period photos show that this was also worn as a breast badge where most men would wear the fliegerbluse with red piping.”

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