SMGL-3032 Luftwaffe visor eagle gold???


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To be honest, I don’t really know what the deal is with this thing. I thought it was just heavy Tabacco staining but upon closer inspection I’m not so sure. There is no reason for this to be gold, as they don’t exist. There is only a light gold on the reverse, indicating that the front was exposed to something and he back didn’t. It’s very strange. To further complicate it, the high points are worn, so the color, whenever it happened, happened a long time ago. My only logical explanation is that there was a light lacquer finish that yellowed overtime and caused this gold look. I’ve seen it before on other items, just not as uniform and bright as this. It has the “shamrock” maker’s mark of BSW (Brüder Schneider, Wien) on the back which is very nice and not seen too often.  I’m selling it for the price of a normal one. So, someone else can deal with it lol.

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