SGM-1334 Luftwaffe Honor Goblet to Lt. Von Gassler


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This is an outstanding Alpaca example with a gorgeous deep and even patina on the silver. The goblet is slightly out of round, likely from some weight being put on it at some point, as there is no evidence of it being dropped. The bottom rim  is engraved with the social security number of the person whom owned it when it was first brought back. This was a common thing done for insurance purposes. The number is only visible when the goblet is turned upside down for inspection. The Winner of the this goblet, Von Gassler has no easily obtainable records that i was able to find. All that i could find was that he was not on the Knights Cross list or the German Cross list and there is record of his promotion to Lt. There may be more information in German archives if you are willing to pay for the services to get them.

Honor Goblets remain one of the most coveted of all German awards and they are not easy to come by, especially in this condition.

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