SMGL-1462 Second Model Luftwaffe Dagger by Paul Weyersberg


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Weyersberg produced a lot of Luftwaffe daggers and can usually be found with an inspector stamp on the blade just like this one. The blade on this one is chrome plated which not all makers had available but we do often see them from this maker. A nice extra cost option that has paid off nearly 80 years later by way of a rust free blade. The blade on this example shows plenty of use with light wear from being repeatedly pulled from the scabbard. The blade has some very small imperfections but overall is a really nice blade still. The pommel shows typical wear but does still retain a faint amount of gold anodizing on the swastika which is nice to see. Most of these daggers have lost this gold finish entirely. The grip is the solid celluloid type with a hairline crack and small chip near the pommel. Nothing to be worried about, as these were done many years ago and he grip shows no signs of further damage. The cross guard top shows some nice hand engraved oak leaves and acorns. The scabbard has a kink in it down near the lower half. This was commonly done from the owners sitting on their daggers.  This particular scabbard was originally a gorgeous frosted white type which over the years revealed most the the base airplane grey color. Not a perfect dagger, but overall a very handsome piece that will display very nicely.

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