SMGL-2236 RVD Dnjepropetrowsk Sleeve eagle (ukraine rail/transportation)


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These are much harder to find that your standard RBD rail eagles. This area was not occupied for long, so not many examples turn up. We were fortunate enough to acquire these factory warehouse bolts of eagles uncut and un issued. In fact, I don’t think anyone in the US has these for sale currently. there is a UK dealer asking 175 pounds for one. If you collect Railway eagles, this one is likely missing from your collection. If you order multiple, they will be attached and not cut.

Here is a bit of information on this branch from

German authorities established five Imperial Transportation Directorates on the occupied areas of the Soviet Union.
Imperial Transportation Directorate ?Dnepropetrovsk? (RVD Dnjepropetrowsk)
This Reichsverkehrsdirektion was established in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) on December 11, 1942 and placed under command of the Head Transportation Directorate ?East? (Generalverkehrsdirektion Osten, GVD Osten). Since the end of 1943, advancing Soviet troops repeatedly made headquarters of RVD Dnjepropetrowsk changing its location. Thus, in November 1943 part of Directorate moved to Dolginzevo while another to Uman, but in December it was redeployed to Dolginzevo as well. In January 1944 RVD Dnjepropetrowsk moved to Birzula (Kotovsk), a major railway station and depot on the line Odessa-Zhmerinka, former capital of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1928-1929. It was later redeployed to Stanislau (Ivano-Frankovsk) (March 1944) and in May to Jaslo in the General Government. The remaining part of Reichsverkehrsdirektion moved to Odessa on March 13, 1944.
Small liquidation unit with a target of an early disbandment of the RVD Dnjepropetrowsk was set up in Birzula on April 23, 1944. Soon after it moved to Radom in the General Government and in July 1944 to Berent in Western Prussia (now Koscierzyna in Poland) where Imperial Transportation Directorate ?Dnepropetrovsk? was finally disbanded in September 1944.
RVD Dnjepropetrowsk structure
Maintenance branches (Betriebs?mter): Apostolovo, Dolginzevo, Nikolayev, Simferopol, Znamenka.
Repair depots (Maschinen?mter): Dolginzevo, Nikolayev, Simferopol.
Executive branches (Verwaltungs?mter): Dolginzevo, Nikolayev, Simferopol, Znamenka.
Capital construction branches (Neubau?mter): Dolginzevo, Nikolayev, Simferopol. Since November 1943 these branches were located in the railway stations Bobrinskaya in Christinovka and Dolinskaya in Zvenigorodka.
Known head of RVD Dnjepropetrowsk:
09.08.1943 ? September 1944: Walter Koch.

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