SMGL-2439 Close Combat Badge in Silver By FLL *SOLD


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The finish on this FLL is pretty decent. Mostly attributed to the really thick flashing layer of copper, which appears as a more brass finish on this example.
You will see this flashing coming through in some of the worn spots, giving the illusion that’s a tombak award. The true base metal is zinc, but its well protected from the copper alloy flashing which allows the silver to last longer as well. These FLL clasps all have a factory down bend on the pin to allow for better alignment with the catch. If you were not aware of this, you would swear it was done after it left the factory. The back plate is missing on this example, which sadly, is rather common on FLL clasps due to the poor crimping method. So, if you are on the hunt for a clasp with a decent finish, and can live without the back plate, this is a score. Enjoy!

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