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Contains 44 photographs, taken during the liberation of five concentration camps: Buchenwald, Belsen, Gardelegen, Nordhausen and Ohrdruf. First photo publication in postwar Germany. (28) p. The aim of publishing this brochure by the American Office of War Information and the Psychological Warfare Division was to show the German population the horror of the death camps in Germany. However because of the inefficiency of the distribution most of the pamphlets were given to prisoners of war camps. Despite the large number of the publication only a few copies remained.The photographs of the pamphlet played important role as evidences in the Nuremberg Trials.It includes the famous and controversial photo of the Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel in Buchenwald (first published in the “New York Times” on May 6, 1945 with the caption “Crowded Bunks in the Prison Camp at Buchenwald” taken inside Block 56 by Private H. Miller of the Civil Affairs Branch of the U. S. Army Signal Corps on April 16, 1945.) [Parr-Badger I. p. 188; 194., Cornelia Brink – Ikonen der Vernichtung. ?ffentlicher Gebrauch von Fotografien aus nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern nach 1945. Berlin, 1998. Akademia Verlag.]. First photo publication in postwar Germany.
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