SMGL-24674 Complete SS Concentration Camp Guard Personnel file Ravensbruck


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SS Unteroffizier Robert Bach SS Nr. 265 742 Wachbataillon KL Ravensbruck.

An amazingly rare acquisition from the Jay Gillespie collection.
In Jay’s words about this item: If you collect camp related documents, I would be surprised if you have a complete camp guard personnel file in your collection. I’ve collected camp documents now for (xx) years, and this the one and only complete file that I have seen. That’s why it is in my collection. If you collect signatures, then you can add to y our collection the rare signature, not once but several times, of Max Koegel, the Camp Commandant.
… Robert Bach was born in Dortmund on 7 November 1912. From 1 August to 31 October 1938 he served with the 15 Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler. From 29 august 1939 to 29 February 1940 he served with the Inf. Pw. Abw. E-Kp 227. At that point he entered the concentration camp staff system at KL Ravensbruck where he served from 26 May 1941 through 1 March 1942 as Blockfuhrer im MannerSchutzhaftlager. In 194 he left Ravensbruck for assignment with the Prinz Eugeb Division. The file stops there as this file somehow seems to have remained at Ravensbruck. The following are just a few of the documents included within it:
1. His original 12 year enlistment papers, 2. His promotions, 3. His Lebenslauf, 4. His Bewerbungsbogen, 5. His qualifications for driver’s licenses, 6. Numerous correspondence pieces, 7. Documents that I have never seen anywhere else, 8. And YES a picture of him in his SS Cam Uniform.

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