SMGL-24710 SS/Gestapo Member Directories for Czech nationals


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So I don’t know much about these. The are two separate lists, and a minimum of two type writers were used to compose them, Suggesting they were created at different offices. One list goes up to #349 and the other goes up to #337. They are not in alphabetical order, date order or SS member number order. I have no idea how these were organized. Both sets of papers do not seem to over lap but I did not go through every name. Both lists seem to use a different vernacular in the title. One says “nationality” and the other says “citizenship”. I would assume they are one in the same, but perhaps not…. and maybe this is why the names differ in each list.
Lists like these are potentially invaluable for the right research project. This being said, these documents may be worth a lot more then what we are offering them for. You get both sets. These documents are from the advanced collection of Jay Gillespie.

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